The warm, amber-orange light cloaking the mountains in early morning or at dusk. That’s the peaceful moment known as alpenglow.

We’ve witnessed alpenglow from our farm and in the mountains, further enriching valued time spent with people we love.

Alpenglow and wine—they both enhance time together. Elegant. Crafted. And, above all, peaceful.



The best of both worlds.

Growing wine in this bucolic valley is no accident. The nearby Cascade Range brought volcanic pumice to our soil. Glacier formations during the Ice Age added deposits of quartz and mica. The result is grapes with the textures, minerals, and nutrients most suitable for producing fine wines.

Soil is important but so is where that soil exists on the planet. The latitude we’re on corresponds with key regions in France and Italy, offering similar weather conditions that are ideal for growing superb wine grapes.

This is the terroir we live in, the unique combination of soil and climate, and we are putting it to good use.


Wine is on the horizon.

Our first harvest of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc grapes is planned for 2020. Bottles will be available for sharing as soon as they are ready. Please stay tuned for updates as they unfold.